What Sets Us Apart

Many people have misconceptions as to what “Ethics” are. Ethics are those actions a person takes on himself to ensure he is doing what’s right. This can also be called the “Greatest Good”. When we say the “Greatest Good”, we mean those actions which benefit the majority of areas of his life, which most definitely includes ones customers, suppliers, competitors, friends, family, oneself, ones own company as well as other areas. So, if selling a product would benefit our company but would hurt many others, then that would not be an ethical choice.

To clarify further, it is our philosophy at Schare & Associates, that everyone lives life together.We are all part of the same game of life. So, if we do something to hurt another person or company, we are actually hurting ourselves in some way. So, we do not do things to upset or hurt another person or company. On the contrary, we always do the right thing. We want everyone to be pleased, not just our company. As a matter of fact, the end goal of every deal we do, is “A completed transaction where all parties are happy and satisfied”.

I’ll give you an example: We had agreed to pay a broker for every transaction that we did with his client. We certainly paid this broker every time we did a deal with his client. After many years of this, unfortunately, this broker passed away. It just so happened that when he passed away, Schare & Associates had owed him commissions. The owner of Schare & Associates actually tracked down this person’s daughter and sent her a check for the remaining commissions due to the broker. This is just an example of how we always do what’s right. If you want to find out more about “Ethics” and what it means to your survival and happiness, email keith@juicedeals.com.

We use a Management Technology (www.wise.org) that has enabled us to be very successful. We have an Organizing Board which can be seen below:

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