Natural Colors

Red & Purple Grape – 8000

urple 8,000 is an anthocyanin color produced from grapes. It is concentrated in a liquid form and easily soluble in water.  These colors are OU Kosher and non-GMO and are used in beverages, confections, fruit preparations, sauces, and nutraceuticals.

Carmine Color –

Schare & Associates now represents a factory which produces Carmine color (also known as Cochineal). This product is a specially formulated natural food and beverage colorant which is resistant to oxidation.

armine color is known as one of the most stable natural colors in the industry. Due to the fact that our affiliates produce and sell this color directly to food and beverage plants, there is VERY significant savings in cost that can be passed on to you.

Beet Color

Purple Carrot




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