Our Service

Distribution of Fruit & Juice products

Our primary focus

has always been the distribution of fruit products. In inventory, we carry many juice concentrates & purees which are packed in pails and drums. Our orders range from one pail to multiple truckloads at a time. We also carry a full line of frozen fruits which can be purchased by the pallet. This makes Schare & Associates your company for “one-stop” shopping.

A full line of food ingredients

From Dried Fruits and Nuts to Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Food Chemicals….there is very little in the food industry that we can’t supply.  Not only are we a source of all these products, but very often we can provide these items at a cheaper price than you are currently paying.

Inventory Liquidation

Do you have excess inventories of food ingredients?

We will buy your overstock products. We advertise all of these overstocks in a weekly, easy to read, E-mail. Want to see these “Hot Deals”?

Flavor & Beverage Development

Schare & Associates

is affiliated with a wonderful flavor house specializing in beverages and fruit-type flavors. They are one of the most innovative companies you can try for product development, and they’re nearly always faster and more cost effective when it comes to making flavors, juice bases, WONF’s (Juices With Other Natural Flavors), and/or matching your current products. Their lead chemist is an awfully good guy to have in your corner when deadlines are short, money is tight, and you need some inspiration in a hurry. Schare & Associates is always just a call (or email) away!

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