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Juice WONF’s

WONF – “with other natural flavors” and blends of fruit juice concentrates and added flavors usually designed to exactly mimic juice concentrates. The blends are especially useful in trying to reduce price and improve availability and consistency of certain expensive juice concentrates. The products can be anywhere from 50 to 80% less expensive than the 100% juice concentrates they are designed to match. Most of the blends are Kosher and available year round. Many products are commonly held in stock and are available for immediate shipment.

Juice WONF’s are typically packed in 50 gallon drums and stored frozen. Commonly there is a small amount of preservative in the blends to make shipping, storage and handling easier for our customers. The amount of preservative added is not enough to be effective in a finished product and therefore does not requiring declaration on a finished product ingredient lists.

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Juice WONF’s currently offered by
Schare & Associates include:

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