I have been working with Keith for 25 years. He is honest and ethical. Of all the people that I have come across in this industry, Keith's integrity goes unmatched. I am very pleased with our business relationship and proud to call him a friend as well.


I have been purchasing products from Schare & Associates since 2013 and I must say that I have really enjoyed working with them. I have saved a tremendous amount of money on my food ingredients but more importantly, Schare always stands behind their products. I find it refreshing to deal with a company with such a high level of ethics, a rare commodity in today’s world. I always know that when I deal with Schare & Associates, I will be happy and satisfied with my purchase and usually, I will save a lot of money.


It is always a pleasure doing business with Schare & Associates. They are very polite and quick to service my account. The staff are always courteous and hard working. I will be dealing with Schare & Associates for many years to come.


I have been working with Schare & Associates for many years and I can personally tell you that there is no more honest or ethical company in the industry. In the food industry, there are many ups and downs. You can’t expect every deal to be perfect. What I have found most important, is how a company deals with adversity. Schare & Associates always stands behind their products and always does the right thing. I wish there were more companies like Schare & Associates in the industry.


I had a bad experience in the past with a partner in business who ultimately broke up our partnership due to his own greed. Schare has helped me regain my trust in business partners through their honesty, integrity and teamwork. I will always appreciate our relationship.


I really appreciate my relationship with Schare & Associates. I am always very happy with the service . The pricing is good, the quality is as represented and backing to go with it. If something happens, Schare always backs it up (stands behind it).